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You Need Reboot, Precisely When Your Alarm Goes Off

New York City is an exciting metropolis filled with people from every walk of life. No one has the same story. But when New Yorkers meet outside of work, whether for business or pleasure, alcohol is sure to be involved. After a work engagement, New Yorkers will always make time to meet a friend for a nightcap (or three). How do we find that balance between work and play? How do we wake up fresh the next day and perform at our highest level after an epic evening?

When developing Reboot, I had these exact questions in mind. Being an Anesthesiologist, I perfected a concoction that speeds up the elimination and metabolism of alcohol. There is no caffeine, no calories, and no question that it works. Whether it's New Year's Eve, business over drinks, or an evening with a friend, Reboot will make sure that you wake up the next day ready to perform.

Reboot works 5 hours after taking it, so Reboot is ideal to take when starting or ending your evening.


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